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Welcome to Padfield School FOPS!


We hope your experience here will be a happy and exciting one for both you and your child.

Here at Padfield School the Parent Teacher Association is known as Friends of Padfield School (FOPS).


What does FOPS do?

The main role of FOPS is to organize school fundraising events and activities for the children and their families.  For example, Summer & Christmas Fairs, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day secrets rooms, Easter Tombola, Discos & Sponsored Walks to name but a few.


How can you get involved?

FOPS is a voluntary charitable organization run by parents and teachers. If you can spare an hour or two and are interested in supporting the school then please feel free to come and join in, whether its mums, dads, grandparents or families of former pupils.  You can attend any of the meetings. There are around four a year and they last roughly an hour. You can get involved as much or as little as you like, helping with events, baking, or by providing new ideas for fundraising.


What does FOPS spend the money we raise on?

FOPS use the money raised to buy things that are additional to the school budget. For example:


·School leaver’s books​



·Development of the infants outdoor play area

·Leavers trip


·New playground equipment

·Theatre Trips

We also raise money for charities.


What are FOPS saving for?

FOPS are currently raising money to go towards various projects, which are:


  • Whole school enrichment trips



The FOPS Committee 2023-24

The fundraising activities FOPS organizes are coordinated by a committee. There are currently 5 named posts on the committee.   In addition to that there are a number of other committee members.


The committee is appointed each autumn term at the AGM.  The current post holders are:


Chair                             Morgan Brereton - Mum of Vada (C3) and Mila (C2)

Vice Chair                     Lewis Colau - Dad of Fox (C1)

Secretary                      Helen Dunk - Mum of Poppy in (C2)

Treasurer                      Lisa Calvert - Mum of Vincent (C3) and Marianne (C1)

Communications         Anne-Marie Peterkamp - Mum of Alexis (C2)

How does FOPS keep in touch with you?

There are a number of ways we keep in touch.  The main way is through letters which are emailed home with the school Weekly Newsletter. Letters may also that come home in your child’s book bag that are printed on PINK paper.  You can also access FOPS letters and information via the school website and reminders are posted on the ‘Padfield Community Primary School’ Facebook page.


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Lots of larger sized companies have schemes which support charities called Match Funding. This involves matching the funding FOPS raises with the company's own money. Please ask your company if they have such a scheme. It is an easy ad simple way for the school to raise much needed money for the benefit of the children.