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Terry McMylor

Co-opted (Vice Chair) 



4 Years


Ollie Cross




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Steph Baker



24.09.214 Years23.09.25

Sarah Coley

Co-opted (Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee)


4 Years


Andy Parton

Parent (Chair of Governors &

Chair of Resource Committee) 


4 Years


Kathryn Skuse



4 Years


Ann Billing

Co-opted (staff)


21.01.224 Years20.01.26

Amy Longson

Local Authority 


4 Years


None of our Governors have any relevant business or financial interests.


Clerk to Governors - Mrs Kathy Crotty



Governor Impact Statement 2022 - 2023


Our priorities on school improvement plan for 2022-23 were as follows:


1.Improve outcomes in Maths across the school

2.Implement a whole school approach to the teaching of vocabulary

3.Review the school computing curriculum and develop staff skills in the use of supporting programmes

4.Improve writing outcomes across the school

5.Enhance the monitoring of our new school curriculum to ensure that teaching and learning across the school is at least good.




The Governing Body monitored data showing interventions and curriculum priorities put in place to enable children to make accelerated progress in Maths.  Staff carried out rigorous assessments of all children to identify gaps, and interventions were carried out by teaching staff to close the gap where gaps existed. Staff ensured consistency in teaching Maths through the use of White Rose Maths and Maths Mastery approaches.  Leaders ensured staff attended Maths Hub training to enhance skills in teaching and assessment.


The Governing Body monitored the progress that the school was making with regards to a consistent approach to teaching vocabulary.  Staff are working towards teaching specific subject vocabulary across all subject areas.  Staff are teaching specific vocabulary within Topic lessons and children are using words within their written work, using vocabulary displays that are within classrooms for children to refer to.  Staff have worked as a team to choose a range of quality texts to expose children to a range of vocabulary within their class books and stories.


The Governing Body monitored progress relating to progression mapping of Computing. Staff have worked hard to review and develop the Computing curriculum and have introduced new programmes for the children to use to develop their knowledge and skills.  Governors monitored how staff were implementing the curriculum for computing and the expenditure of funding related to new subscriptions and programmes.


The Governing Board monitored the progress made in the implementation of the Talk for Writing approach to developing skills in writing.  Staff have attended training to ensure consistency throughout school, and have used assessments to identify children that would benefit from intervention work to develop their writing skills and meet personal targets. 


School staff have worked hard to continue building on the success of the Curriculum Mapping and Progression that was carried out by Curriculum teams in the last academic year. The Governing Body has monitored the progress that staff have made in embedding the new curriculum, and leaders monitoring the teaching and learning within their subjects. Staff have worked hard to further their own knowledge and skills through Deep Dive training in readiness for inspections and to ensure good teaching and learning in subject areas.




All members of Governing Body have and continue to have significant training. The impact of this is that the Governing Body are kept abreast of their responsibilities regarding the latest requirements and expectations. Learning and actions from training is shared at Full Governing Body meetings.



Headteacher’s Appraisal

The Governing Body carries out the Headteacher’s Appraisal annually with expert assistance from an Associate School Improvement Advisor through the Local Authority. The appraisal process allows us to look closely at the performance of the Headteacher, discuss areas of strengths and where necessary, areas for development. New targets are then set against criteria, on which the Headteacher’s performance will be evaluated.


Further Impact across the School

As Governors, we celebrate the fantastic work around the school and provide challenge and support in areas that can improve and monitor progress in all areas.
1.  Finance – Governors approved spending to support the School Improvement Plan.
2.  Link Governors have responsibility for specific areas of interest within the school. Each link governor monitors their area and takes part in relevant audits and reviews of their areas.

3. Governors have undertaken monitoring visits to discuss areas of the School Improvement Plan or link areas
4. Progress and Attainment – data for all children across the school, including vulnerable groups, has been analysed. Data focuses on reading, writing and maths. The impact of this is that governors are aware of how children are performing; where there are issues, challenging questions can be asked to ensure that any identified problems are addressed in a timely manner. This ensures that the Governing Body know throughout the year how the school is progressing towards the school priorities and targets.
5. Ofsted – Governors are very pleased with the current Ofsted result and keep up to date with changes to the framework.